Durable Power of Attorney - Business

A Power-of-Attorney, (POA), is s document where a person, known as the principal, grants permission to someone, known as the attorney-in-fact, the power to act on their behalf. An attorney-in-fact has the power to make legal, financial and medical decisions for the principal when the principal is unable to manage their own affairs. A Durable Power of Attorney, (DPOA), functions the same as a Power of Attorney, with one major difference, a DPOA will remains in effect should the principal become incapacitated. Both types terminate upon the principal's death.

Under the DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY LAW OF MISSOURI, the principal is granting their attorney-in-fact general powers and authority to act on the principal's behalf for all purposes, including, without limitation, the following:

1. To manage business, property, investments, financial and tax affairs;

2. To arrange for support, comfort, housing and welfare;and the supports, education, comfort and welfare of a spouse and lineal descendants;

3. To authorize and arrange for personal care and medical treatment;

4. To authorize any medical care professional or institution to release information to and allow access to information to an Attorney in Fact,

regardless of any HIPAA requirements to the contrary.

Durable Power of Attorney - Health

A Durable Power of Attorney for heath helps your doctors understand your preferences regarding your healthcare choices.If you suddenly become incapacitated due to a serious accident or a medical emergency such as a stroke, you may no longer be able to communicate your own wishes for health-care and finances.

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